Candy, snacks, drinks and fun!

About us

SMEJ’s started in 1997 as a convenience store at the Center Mall. For 15 years, they sold snacks, drinks, toiletries and other items to serve the employees and customers at the Mall. During this time, owner Marty Rosenstein was also able to sell and display collectible and unusual candy items.

Jan and Marty, SMEJ's owners

Owner Marty Rosenstein, right, and his sister Jan

The store’s name, SMEJ’s, was derived from the Rosenstein Family in 1997:

S = Sam, Marty’s father, who passed away in 1996.
M = Marty, who runs the store.
E = Ethel, Marty’s mother, who passed away in 1997.
J = Jan, Marty’s sister, who helps manage the store.

In April 2012, Marty decided to change directions and closed the Center Mall location. SMEJ’s reopened Nov. 1, 2012 after many hours on research on products and locations. This store sells only candy, snacks and beverages, with an emphasis on nostalgia products.

Ethel and Sam Rosenstein

Ethel and Sam Rosenstein

“The store is fun and exciting,” says Marty.  “The goal of SMEJ’S is to put smiles on the faces of our customers as they enter into a bright and exciting wonderland.”

SMEJ’s carries many unique products, from Mt.Dew-flavored popcorn to Mt. Dew pop, from tequila worm suckers to Tootsie Roll pops, from Zagnuts to Snickers bars, from Laffy Taffy to Jolly Ranchers.

SMEJ’s will combine the old with the new.  Marty will always be searching for the newest products as they become available, as well as looking for any items from the past.  SMEJ’S wants to help you create new memories as well as bring back old memories.

SMEJ license plateIf you are driving around Omaha and see a red Ford Focus wagon with SMEJS on the license plates, you know that Marty is searching the city for new products.