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SMEJ’S Snacks & More!

SMEJ's Snacks and More Omaha, NEWelcome to SMEJ’s Snacks & More!

 My sister Jan and I have created a fun, interesting and playful place to shop and hang out at 120th & Blondo Street.

We’ve narrowed our focus since we operated our convenience store at the Center Mall. This store focuses on candy, snacks, drinks(including many different flavors of glass bottle pop),  chips, HR Poppin Snacks Popcorn, and greeting cards. I’ve been surfing the web and searching  to find new and different items to offer. I’m especially interested in nostalgia items.

We’ll take special orders and requests. So if you see something you like, or miss something from the good old days, let me know. I’ll do what I can to find it for you and sweeten your day.

Follow us or connect with us on Facebook so we can keep you up to date about specials and new products.

Owner Marty Rosenstein



HR Poppin Snacks Popcorn